Immigration to Spain

Immigration to Spain through an employment contract .. If you know a person residing in Spain (from a family or an acquaintance) and this person has a project (investment, company, farm estate …) then he can help you to enter Spain to work for him.

In this article, we will accompany you with several important information, through which you will learn about the steps that you must take if you obtain a contract of employment in Spain.

Before we get into the topic, we must point out something important:

An employment contract in Spain can be obtained from a Spanish company or a Spanish employer.

However, obtaining such contracts is somewhat difficult, because Spanish companies and employers require some expertise that may not be available to everyone.

But if you have a relative who has his own project (cafe, restaurant, farm estate …), he will not ask you for any preconditions.

Because he simply wants to help you only immigrate to Spain through a contract of employment in order to avoid any problems or “high head” in other methods of migration.

Immigration to Spain through an employment contract:

If you receive a promise from your relative to work with him on his project, he must send you his consent through a message that arrives by regular mail or by e-mail.

This letter contains the employment contract, the name of the project owner and the work you will do, the monthly wage you will receive, the tax number … and other things he will have to do.

These documents that he will send you must keep because they will ask you when you apply for a visa.

What visa do I have to apply for?

As long as you decide to immigrate to Spain in order to work, it is better that you have agreed with your employer who will employ you, that you employ you for a long period exceeding 3 months.

It is best if they are 6 months or more renewable. Why ?

So you can obtain a long-term Spanish visa or visa.

In general, most of those who decide to immigrate to Spain through an employment contract with a relative will migrate to reside there and not to spend a short period and return to the country.

Therefore, they must obtain a long-term visa. Not a Schengen visa request.

How can I request a long-term Spanish visa?

In order to be able to apply for a long-term Spanish visa, you must provide the following documents:

Fill out and sign the long-term Spanish visa application form.

A valid passport covers the length of stay in Spain.

A group of modern and respectable personal photos required for the standards in the photos.

The number of pictures required varies according to the purpose of your stay in Spain, so it is best to take a good number of pictures with you.

Submit documents proving the purpose of your stay in Spain, which is the employment contract.

The consular authorities may ask you for some other documents so you should be prepared for every emergency.

Paying fees for studying the file, which is 99 euros.

What happens after submitting the file?

When these documents are completed and paid in the form of a file to the consulate, the latter will decide on the request based on the guarantees and documents in the file.

The consular authorities may ask the person for some other documents and give them a specific deadline to bring them.

If all matters go wrong, one of the employees will deliver you with a receipt for the order number, which you paid as a fee for your order.

This receipt is also a notice that you have applied for a long-term Spain visa.

All your fingerprints will be taken while you upload the file.

You will be replied within two months as the maximum, and often if all documents are seized, the response will be positive.

When I enter Spanish soil, what should I do?

Well I got a Spanish visa and immigrated to Spain.

But before you start working, you must do the necessary things:

1_ Obtaining the residence card:

After entering Spain, you must personally apply for an identification card for foreigners, that is, (Spanish residence card).

You must apply for this card within a period not exceeding one month from the date you entered Spain.

This residence card is valid for one year, renewable.

This card must be requested from the Ministry of Public Administration, the government delegation Delegación del Gobierno

2_ After getting this card, can I start work?

Never, if you obtain a residence card in Spain alone, you are not allowed to do work or any other professional activity.

Therefore it is necessary to obtain a license to do any business or professional activity, whether you are a user or want to do a private business.

In the case we are talking about in this article, it is to work for another employer.

Therefore, you must request a temporary initial residence and work permit for users cuenta ajena.

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