15 Best Anti-Aging Foods for Healthier Skin and a Longer Life

You should first know that your outside look starts from the inside. Your skin reflects what you eat . There is no magical ingredient to make the wrinkles go away. However, you can prevent that and keep your skin radiant by feeding your body good nutrients. This will maintain your cells active and prevent any damage related to your skin. Here are 15 anti-aging foods that will change your life!


Introducing carrots to your diet will make your skin shiny again. It’s tasty and filled with vitamin A potassium and antioxidants. which can prevent the skin from many diseases and keep it healthy. Carrots are a great source of carotene which is very helpful to repair cell damage and pigmentation. It also prevents premature wrinkling.


Turmeric is one of the superfoods that will incredibly help your skin. It has been used for centuries in India. It has anti-inflammatory effects. It’s also very rich in anti-oxidants which helps a lot with skin conditions. It can be also applied in your natural masks. This will control the process of aging. studies have shown that turmeric contains curcumin which stimulates cell growth and prevents aging.

3- Avocados

Avocados are known for their healthy fat. You need to include them in your diet because these fats are anti-inflammatory and help with damaged skin. Avocados are discovered to be a new aging ingredient as it combats wrinkles and skin cells damage.  It also moisturizes your skin with the omega 9s properties.


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Tomatoes are anti-aging superfoods that should be included in your diet. It contains Lycopene; a very powerful antioxidant; which appears to ensure the elasticity of your skin and prevent wrinkles. It makes the skin stronger and fights cell damage.

5- Spinach

You don’t need those fancy creams to keep your skin looking shiny anymore. Spinach is very rich in vitamins A, C which is natural collagen boosters. They help decrease the aging process and maintain skin elasticity. The iron we find in spinach has also great benefits on the skin. It creates healthy red blood cells.

6-olive oil

Olive oil is one of the most nourishing oils. it’s very rich in anti-oxidants, fatty acids, and vitamins. You might add it to your skin care or diet. It will have huge benefits on your skin without even clogging your pores. It’s an incredible moisturizer that will keep your skin radian


Salmon is really known for the omega – 3. This fights the skin damaged cells. And help prevent aging. It also contains a great amount of protein which makes your skin look younger and cure wrinkles. Try to introduce salmon to your diet in order to keep your skin moisturized and nourished.


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Hydration is key to maintain the glow of your skin. Drinking enough water will hydrate your body from the inside. It’s vital for your skin and body. Water is recommended for curing wrinkles since it delivers essential nutrients to your skin cells. It’s also one of the best ways to remove toxins and make your skin look youthful again.

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Through centuries, honey was a cure to a lot of diseases. Honey is not only delicious and sweet but also is a miracle for your skin. It’s filled with vitamins and minerals that are very beneficial for inflammation, breakouts and treating wrinkles. Honey protects your skin cells. Thus you can add it to your facial masks which will also improve your skin from the outside.

10- Blueberries

Blueberries are filled with both antioxidants and vitamins. Which makes it a wise choice for better skin. It’s not surprising that blueberries help prevent the skin from sun irritation and skin- damaging pollution. They also contain vitamin c that prevents wrinkles.  Add  this amazing fruit to your snacks  or include them in your smoothies and watch your skin become fresh  again


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10 –walnuts

Walnuts are a  miracle ingredient to fight against aging. It has many impressive benefits. First, it’s very rich in fatty acids and protein which help your skin collagen become stronger. Second, it contains omega 3 and loads of vitamins such as vitamin E . So you’d better make walnuts part of your everyday regime.

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