12 Early signs and symptoms of lung cancer you shouldn’t ignore…

Before lung cancer treatment can begin, the health care professionals will carry out a biopsy to ascertain you are suffering from cancer of the lungs. Blood tests and imaging are also carried out o know the stage of cancer.

There are several treatment options available out there. If you can manage to access diagnosis early enough when cancer has not developed to advanced stages, then it will be easy to get the right treatment.

Common cancer treatment procedures available include the following:


It is a treatment procedure carried out to remove the tumor. Surgery can only be applied successfully to treat lung cancer if the disease has not spread beyond the lungs.

The surgeon aims at removing the affected cells in the lungs and the lymph node after which then proceed to apply other treatment procedures. Surgery treatment is recommended for patients with early stages of lung cancer. Always take note of the early signs of cancer and act fast so that you can easily get it treated before it can spread to other areas.


It is a process done by targeting cancer cells with high energy x-rays which lead to the destruction of the cancer cells. It is a treatment procedure which can be applied to treat early stages of cancer or even as a secondary treatment to eliminate cancer cells which may have remained after the application of surgery.


It is a process used to treat mesothelioma lung cancer where the full lobe is removed. It aims at removing cancer cells as well as the surrounding cells which may have not yet been affected. The experts aim at removing the cancer cells as well as removing the surrounding cells.

It is possible to treat cancer if it is detected early. There are several treatment methods which the health care professionals can apply to easily treat cancer. You need to take note of the early signs of mesothelioma lung cancer and apply the right treatment procedures.

There are several signs of lung cancer you should take note and act fast. Here are the common lung cancer symptoms you need to take note.

12 Early signs and symptoms of lung cancer you shouldn’t ignore


Lung cancer can lead to inflammation of the airways. When the airways become inflamed, they lead to constriction of the air which can result in a wheezing sound. The wheezing can as well result in dyspnea. You need to seek medical treatment if you notice the symptom. It is an indication of the late stages of lung cancer but it can be treated if you seek the right medication.

Apart from lung cancer-causing the wheezing in patients, there are also other health complications such as asthma which can cause wheezing, you need to seek professional medical help to know whether the symptom is related to cancer.

Hoarse voice

You may have a hoarse voice due to cold but it will clear after a week or so. If you develop a hoarse voice and it persists for more than two weeks, then you need to see a doctor which can carry out a proper diagnosis. A cancer tumor may be interfering with your nerves which control your voice box and the larynx. You may not notice the hoarse voice by yourself, but your family members will easily notice it. It is among the early signs of lung cancer which you should not ignore.

Through lung cancer awareness you will easily take the right action to avoid things from becoming worse.

Incessant Cough

You may develop a cough which is not going away. In such a case, you need to act fast and look for ways you can get the necessary treatment. If you develop a dry cough which ends up persisting for more than two weeks. Then you need to take action and seek the right treatment.

Health care professionals can use different treatment procedures such as x-rays among other treatment options to diagnose the condition.

Mucus and blood in coughs

You may be coughing but you notice a drastic change in the cough. The cough may end up having mucus and blood. It is a sign you may be affected by lung cancer hence you need to act fast and look for the right way you can treat the condition.

The chronic counts can end up making you uncomfortable. You need to seek the doctor to help fast before the cough becomes worse.

Change in Breathing

The changes in your breath can occur due to the interference of tumors in your breathing. If you notice there is a shortage of breath, then there may be a problem with your lungs which is causing the interference with the airways.

If you notice there is a shortage of breath and winding, then you need to act fast and look for ways you can manage the issue before it gets out of hand.

Chest Pains

Lung cancer leads to interfering with your chest. Remember when breathing, the different parts of your chest are involved. You need to ensure you remove any form of interference which can lead to the chest problems.

If you develop chest pains without any physical injury, then you need to seek medical help where the doctors will carry out the right diagnosis to confirm whether you are suffering from lung cancer.

The condition which leads to chest pain is referred to as metastasis. It results in more than 34% of the chest pains.

Losing Weight

If you start experiencing chest pains then you start losing weight drastically, then you need to see your doctor for further diagnosis. It may be lung cancer-causing your problems. The cancer cells tend to use a lot of energy and they will lead you to lose a lot of weight within a short period.

If you have not put any measure in place to lose weight then you start losing weight drastically, then you need to worry. It may be a sign of lung cancer or other health complications which need a fast diagnosis so that you can start medication immediately to avoid cases where cancer can lead to more problems.

Bone Pain

Bone metastases may occur due to lung cancer which will then result in lung cancer. You need to act fast and seek medication so that you can manage the health problem. The bone pain may get worse when you are making movements or at night.

If the condition is not checked fast, it may lead to bone weakening which can result in problems when trying to undertake your daily activities.

Your life can be affected in several ways if the bones are not working well. You need to act fast and carry out the necessary diagnosis which can help you manage the problems before it is too late.

Trouble  Swallowing

It is a condition referred to as dysphagia. It is caused by the effects of the tumor in your lungs. You will find it very hard to swallow if you have been affected by lung cancer which interferes with your swallowing. If you have difficulties swallowing,
then it will be hard for you to stay hydrated or even eat enough food to stay healthy.

You need to seek medical attention immediately so that the health care professional will carry out the necessary diagnostics to help you manage the problem.

Slurred Speech

It is among the early signs of lung cancer. The disease affects the central nervous system which is responsible for controlling body coordination. If you experience involuntary muscle movements, then you may be affected by lung cancer.

The slurred speech can occur during lung cancer treatment or even as early signs. You need to act fast and seek the right medication so that you can lower the risk of lung cancer developing into advanced stages where it will be hard to control.


Are you suffering from constant headaches? If you have been faced with constant headaches, then you may have been affected by cancer which has spread to the brain. Brain metastases create pressure along the superior vena cava hence restricting blood flow to the upper body. If the brain and the other parts of your upper body will not access enough oxygenated blood, it will lead to migraines and headaches.

Frequent Infections

If you experience frequent infections such as bronchitis and pneumonia, then you need to check on your lung health. Cancer cells may block the airways which can result in atelectasis.

It is a condition which leads to the collapse of the lungs caused by blocked airways. You need to seek medical help where the doctors will carry out a proper diagnosis to avoid cases where the situation can become worse.

There are several lung cancer symptoms. The above are just a few. If you suspect you are suffering from lung cancer due to the above symptoms, you need to seek medical help where the doctors will carry out comprehensive tests.

Many people assume people who smoke are the only one who can develop lung cancer. It is a disease which can affect anybody. You only increase the chances of getting lung cancer if you smoke. You need to take note of the early signs so that you can act before it is too late.

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