You Won’t Bbeleive What Cilantro Can Do For Your Body

What’s cilantro?

It’s a herb just like parsley .it has huge benefits on your health. It has been prescribed for boosting fertility and been considered as an aphrodisiac for centuries

Keep reading to know 10 health benefits cilantro has

1-protects against cardiovascular disease

With its high quantity of vitamins; which include vitamins A, E, folate, calcium, and iron. It’s known as a huge weapon against cardiovascular diseases. Cilantro helps in reducing blood pressure and cholesterol. Hence, your heart is going to be in good health thanks to the high level of potassium.

2- You are stressed and anxious? take Cilantro

It’s widely known that many people suffer from anxiety. And cilantro could be one natural way to help with that.

Put cilantro in your smoothies and have a great night sleep. This herb, if put wisely, is a great cure for anxiety with absolutely no side effects.

3-Say no to Alzheimer

Cilantro is great support for your brain. It cleans all of the impurities from both body and brain. studies suggest it can help with getting rid of heavy metals and boosting your memory power. Amazingly, evidence shows that it can protect your brain from  serious diseases such  as Alzheimer and Parkinson

4-prevent you from food poisoning  

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It’s believed that cilantro can help your body from getting food poisoning and bacterial infection  by purifying your blood   .it’s an antibiotic to many diseases such as cholera, salmonella and many others.

This is huge since so many of us are exposed to heavy metals. The good news is that cilantro has been found to diminish the accumulation of these toxins and accelerate getting rid of the toxicity.

5-Balance Your digestion 

With cilantro, the digestion enzymes are produced more effectively. Consequently, many digestive problems can be cured for example bloating and gas

Cilantro helps in weight loss since it accelerates the absorption of cholesterol and diminishes blood lipid levels. Also, it prevents the increase of harmful gases.

6- A detox 

Cilantro can accelerate removing heavy metals like aluminum, mercury, and arsenic. These metals can build up in your body and cause hormonal imbalance. However, cilantro helps your body removing them and even kill parasites in your body.

Cilantro works wonders on your skin. It has a big impact on acne as it can purify your body from the inside.

 The 7-Your blood sugar level is going to be balanced

Cilantro prevents you from high blood glucose and manages diabetes. Evidence shows that if added to salads, smoothies or even raw it can keep your energy stable throughout the whole day.


Histamine becomes a problem when people have too much in their blood. This is why cilantro works wonders to relief hives, sunburn, and poison ivy. it’s always a good idea to add this herb to your diet, just a small portion every day  will help you be in shape

9- prevent urinary tract infections

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10-prevent neurological inflammation

Many neurological diseases are associated with chronic inflammation. However, a diet high in turmeric, pepper, ginger, and cilantro can help prevent all of this inflammation associated with these awful diseases.

If you don’t like cilantro you are not alone  but you still can get its benefits

People can loathe the taste of cilantro but this shouldn’t stop you from benefiting. You can add it to your green drinks and smoothies that have other flavors.

However, people who tend to be sensitive to allergens must be aware that this herb is all the time mixed with spices and can be an allergen. The same goes for pregnant women, you should ask your doctor before introducing any new herbs to your diet.

It’s always a good idea to start your morning with an immune detoxifying smoothie with cilantro in it.

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