Prostate cancer

Prostate cancer is the most common human cancer after the age of 50.
If this cancer is caught early enough, it heals almost always.
It is possible to detect early this cancer by a simple blood test (the measurement of PSA “prostate specific antigen”) and by the examination of the prostate (digital rectal examination).
Before going further we must first define the prostate.

@ What is the prostate?

The prostate is a gland that exists only in humans.
It manufactures most of the seminal fluid (sperm) in which the spermatozoa (the animal of fertilization) bathes that are made by the testicles.
It manufactures a particular substance called PSA (prostatic specific antigen) that can be measured in the blood.
the prostate is as big as a nut with age, it often increases in size.
It grows but it’s quite normal.

@The prostate cancer is particular:

Prostate cancer is usually a slow cancer. It is thus distinguished from other cancers. it is possible to live with this disease until the end of his days without being embarrassing and never knowing his existence.
Many men die for one reason or another without ever having if their prostate was cancerous. the doctors say that this cancer was latent.

Prostate cancer is not always latent. it can remain latent for years, then become active and aggressive (just like a volcano).

@Why detect cancer as early as possible?

The earlier a cancer is detected, the greater the chances of healing.
Early detected cancer is less serious because:
– he is less fat.
– there is little risk that it has spread and invaded neighboring organs.

@When detecting the prostate caner?

It is known that the risk of prostate cancer increases from 45-50 years. in order to have the maximum chance of being cured one must detect it in time, by exams of 50 years.

@how to detect prostate cancer?

Three exams make it possible to discover early prostate cancer:
-the rectal examination (examination of the prostate by the doctor).
the assay of PSA (blood analysis).
-the biopsies (prostate sample collection).

Here, I hope this article will benefit everyone.
The next will be on the role of diet in the prevention of prostate cancer.

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