Intersting fun facts about cupcakes that you don’t know !

Cupcakes are those cute small cakes baked in cups or paper to serve one person. it’s usually iced in many flavors and decorated.  These  sweet treats have many fun facts that you might not know about

1-Cupcakes are universal

These sweet are universally liked

  • they are usually called fairy cakes in England, they are traditionally smaller than the American ones. The nickname came from its size as they believed it would be appropriate for a group of fairies
  • The icing in British cupcakes is also different compared to the American one, It seems to be lighter.
  • 13% of brides want to serve cupcakes on their wedding day since they are colorful with different flavors
  • They’ve even been called (1-2-3 cakes ) or number cakes, and that’s because the recipe include 1 cup of butter, 2 cups of sugar and 3 cups of flour
  • Cupcake has a different name in Australia which is patty cakes
  • American bakers use a buttercream icing and thick sponge cakes
  • The first bakery in the world to sell only cakes was sprinkles cupcakes in 2005

2- The popularity of cupcakes how did it start

  • The term cupcake is not new it was originated in the late 19th century. Back then it was given to cakes that were made with some specific ingredients and measured by a cupful
  • In the past cupcakes were baked in some small clay pots or even teacups
  • Cupcakes started becoming popular thanks to TV and mass media, they started to become trendy
  • The biggest cupcake in the world was created by (Gourmet gift baskets) on August 15th, 2009. It was 1124 pounds which is around 2 million calories
  • Winston Churchill, on the other hand, introduced for the first time the sweet icing or frosting that we currently put on our cupcakes.
  • Cupcakes factories make a fortune out of this sweet dessert hence the competition is growing each day. There are around 400 cupcake bakeries which makes it about 770.000.000 cupcakes are eaten every day.
  • Cupcakes are very old but at the same time very modern, in fact, it’s used for every single celebration; weeding birthdays, etc ……………..

3- The story of the name ‘ cupcake’

  • the name cupcake goes back to the 19th century   as they were two uses cupcakes or cupcake
  • the term had been introduced in American Cookery By Amelia Simmons, it was  described as ‘ a light cake to bake in small  cups’
  • English fairy cakes as told before vary in size compared to the  American ones.
  • One of the theories says that cupcakes got their names from the measurement as  to cook cupcakes we use a cup of flour and a cup of sugar
  • All cupcakes come in cups the only difference is the flavor or the icing

4-records related to  cupcakes

  • The fastest time to decorate 6 cupcakes is 47.21 s achieved by Ashish Spencer on 19 April 2018
  • The tallest cupcake tower was made in South Africa . 10 meters which included
  • 6370 cupcakes were made by Hope Team in order to raise money for cancer warriors
  • The biggest cupcake was created in 2009 it was 10 foot wide
  • The record for eating 29 cupcakes was in 30 s
  • The world’s most expensive cupcake is the Rox Diamond cupcake since the topping has small diamonds which are worth around 150.000 $
  • The largest cupcake mosaic measured 138.56 square meters in South Africa

5-Other fun facts

  • Not everyone knows what’s the best way to eat a cupcake. You should start by splitting the cupcake into two remove the top portion with icing in it and place is on the bottom portion which makes the icing sandwiched between two parts of the cake
  • Most of the women when getting their periods crave chocolate, why not take a cupcake chocolate flavor; this can help soothe the pain and discomfort.
  • Cupcakes take less time to be cooked rather than the regular size
  • December 15th is a national lemon cupcake

Let us know which is your favorite cupcake flavor and don’t forget to share these fun facts with your friends

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