Food That Boost Your Mood , Energy And Arain Health

The diet can be to blame for many mental disorders such as depression. Studies had shown that getting the right food and the right quantity might boost your mood, ease anxiety and even improve your life by determining your energy level during the day.

You can now improve your mood by just  introducing certain nutrients to your diet keep reading  for 10 foods that will change your mood and life


Studies have shown that there is a tight link between yogurt and balancing gut bacteria. Yogurt has some sort of good bacteria that not only serves your digestion but also improves the mood.  It seems to be a big change for some people suffering from depression. Consuming yogurt can help ease anxiety and stress by increasing the level of dopamine and norepinephrine in your brain.


It’s not really food. However, water has endless health benefits. Not only does it serve your body but also your mental health. It’s proven that dehydration leads to negative feelings and depression. keep Yourself hydrated in order to give your brain a chance to work properly and have a mood lift afterward.

3 – Blueberries

A lot of researches have been done on flavonoids one of the blueberries components. And, it seems to have a great influence on our brain health. Blueberries fight ‘ the blues’ as it is rich in antioxidant which was linked to reducing the risk of having depression. They have also a good amount of vitamin C that works wonderfully on reducing stress and anxiety.

4-Green Tea

Green tea is great for your brain despite containing a small quantity of caffeine. It helps you relax and has an anti-anxiety effect .  it helps maintain the positive energy while raising the dopamine levels and protect against most moral disorders. Another component of green tea is tannins, this protects from brain damages. It can be used as a medication for anxiety and depression.


Turkey naturally improves your mood thanks to one of its component called tryptophan that raises your serotonin.  the latter helps decrease the bad feelings and anxiety.

Thanksgiving parties don’t have a big turkey for anything. It makes everyone happy without noticing, it’s usually followed by the best nap right? It’s all because turkey helps you  improve your mood

 6 -Tomatoes

Tomatoes improve your mental health thanks to Lycopene. This is a very powerful anti-oxidant that helps protect different diseases. Tomatoes may be eaten fresh, in salads or even drunk in your juice. So you have no excuses not to eat tomatoes.

Tomatoes are very affordable for their benefits.  As you are going to use the skin as well. Since it contains a huge amount of lycopene. This ingredient will work wonder on your mood swings. what are you waiting for then?

7 – dark chocolate

What’s better than chocolate?   what if I tell you it’s not only tasty but also will make you happy? The big amount of antioxidant that chocolate contains makes it a great choice for a mood boost. It has an instant good feeling. a lot of women consume dark chocolate during their periods to reduce their mood swings unconsciously. It has antidepressant benefits.

Studies have shown that chocolate includes tryptophan which helps to keep you happy and boost your mood.  it’s usually associated with positive feelings.

8 – salmon

Salmon is very rich in omega 3 and vitamin B-12. These components have a great effect on brain function. They boost your mood in a short amount of time. As they produce some chemicals;  including dopamine ; that influence the brain and the feeling the one has.

9 –  spinach

Spinach is really known for magnesium. This will have great benefits for your mood. Including it in your meals might help you fight depression and stress. It has a good quantity of vitamin B which is linked to the right functioning of the brain and mood lifting.

10 – Beans

Studies have shown beans can be a great anti-depression. It’s very rich in zinc and magnesium. This helps the body relax  It’s wonderful for our nervous system since it decreases anxiety and improves our mood.

Those natural ingredients will keep your mental health in check. Introduce them to your diet and stay calm and relaxed.

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