Food prevention against prostate cancer.

Diet is a key element in preventing prostate cancer
Currently experts estimate that half of cancers are related to food.
All experts agree on the benefits of fruits and vegetables: eating a lot of fruits and vegetables (minimum 5 servings a day) helps prevent cancers.

@The bad fats favor cancers:

The bad fats (saturated fats) are those which one finds in the whole dairy products (whole milk, cheeses, …), in the fatty meats (sausage, rillettes, greasy meat), in the Viennese pastries, in the fatty meats. (steak, lamb, pork chop) and many ready-made meals. Bad fats are those that give cholesterol. So a cholesterol-lowering diet is also good for preventing cancer.
It is not a question of suppressing these foods, but of reducing their quantities.
Experts recommend a maximum of 20 grams of bad fats a day
If you have cancer, we know that bad fats make it more aggressive. If you consume less bad fats the cancer will be less active.

@Eating tomatoes is good for the prostate:

Tomatoes seem to protect against cancer of the prostate, thanks to a substance called LYCOPENE: it is she who gives the red color to tomatoes, but also to pink grapefruit and watermelon. Tomato lycopene is best assimilated by the body when tomatoes are cooked: tomato sauce, tomato paste, ketchup, broth, tomato juice, bolognese. With a little oil, lycopene is even better assimilated by the body.

If you have prostate cancer, serious studies have shown that tomatoes or tomato-based foods reduce aggression.
In case of cancer tomatoes decrease PSA, which means that cancer is less active.
In fact, you have to eat a lot of tomatoes, at least 10 times a week, for an effect.

@ Lycopene sold in capsule:

To be honest, currently we do not really know if lycopene capsule (sold in pharmacies or on the internet) is beneficial against prostate cancer. Most studies have been done with tomatoes and not with capsules. In fact, researchers believe that lycopene is not the only protective substance in tomatoes.

@The selenium:

Selenium is an antioxidant that could prevent prostate cancer. Currently, there is prostate cancer.
good reasons to think that selenium is good against
-The richest selenium foods are seafood (fish, shellfish, crustaceans) but also meat and whole grains.
Eggs and dairy products also contain selenium but in smaller amounts.

Vitamin E:

Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant.
A diet high in vitamin E also lowers the risk of prostate cancer.
-Foods rich in vitamin E are vegetable oils, wheat germ oil being the one that contains the most. Sunflower, maize and grapeseed oils contain 2 to 3 times more than peanut, soy and olive oils. Vit E is also found in almonds, hazelnuts, nuts and, in small quantities, in green vegetables.

@wine :

For wine, it’s all about quantity. Above 3 glasses a day for men and 2 glasses a day for women, it is toxic to the body and promotes cancer. Below these quantities. The wine could be beneficial.

Prevention is always the optimal solution so be careful and thank you I hope it’s beneficial for everyone.

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