Amazing Tricks about coconut oil you might not know !

Coconut oil is a magical product that has many benefits not only the outside but also the inside. Coconut oil is extracted from the meat of coconuts. It contains natural fats that have amazing beauty benefits. This product’s smell is incredible.  So what can this beauty staple do? And what are the things we shouldn’t use coconut oil for? Here we tried to assemble 5  amazing tricks and 5 things you needn’t attempt.

1-It’s a great makeup remover :

If you are struggling to find a safe natural makeup remover. Coconut oil is a wise choice. It can remove even the most resistant waterproof makeup. It’s a great face cleanser that you can apply directly to your face. It will remove not only makeup but all the impurities on your face. It’s known for its anti-bacterial benefits. therefore, it will save you a lot of time and money.

2-Hair will thank you after this

Coconut oil is an antibacterial that will prevent your scalp from many diseases. make it a hair routine to put some oil drops every day. This will treat dandruff and make your hair shiny. If you suffer from dry or damaged hair coconut oil will make it softer since it’s so moisturizing.

3-Prevents from acne and cure your spots scaring.

As mentioned before coconut oil has fatty acids that prevent from bacteria.  Which will prevent your skin from breaking out? coconut oil will also nourish your skin by its antifungal properties. It’s easily absorbed by your pores and treat your acne scars in a short amount of time.

4 – Freshen your breath

Coconut oil not only whiten your teeth but also freshen your breath. You can use it as a mouth wash it contains a good quantity of lauric acid. One of the best anti-bacterial. This might also prevent cavities that have a great effect on bad breath. Since one of the big reasons behind bad breath is bacteria and inflammations.

5- Cooking with coconut oil is possible

It doesn’t only have great benefits for our health but also very delicious. studies have shown that coconut oil is way better than other oils. Since it has little to no cholesterol. when we consume coconut oil, it helps reduce the risk of having heart diseases.

 Here are 5 times you should never use coconut oil!

  • Never use it as a lube with condoms!

Never mix your coconut oil with the condom. You might think it will work as a lubricant. However, it’s not safe. Since the latex of the condom, it might break down and cause unwanted pregnancy.

  • Don’t use it in your salad dressings

Coconut oil will harden naturally if put in the fridge or left for a long time. And who wants their salad to look ugly. It also adds a flavor of coconut which is not the best. So think again before dressing your salad with coconut oil, it’s not a wise choice.

  • Don’t use it in your bath as a soap.

You might have heard of the good benefits of coconut oil on the skin and decided to add it to your soap. Well, that’s not a good idea. If it doesn’t make someone slip in the shower and kill him. It will make your pipes block since the coconut oil hardens fast. So it’s better if you use just your regular shampoo we don’t want more bills and plumbing repairs.

  • Don’t replace your sunscreen by coconut oil

It might be affordable and have little protection benefits in it. But, you should never make it a sunscreen replacement, it can cause some damage to your skin such as long term burn. It’s perfect for cooling down and soothing though. So instead use it once home it will work perfectly on your skin.

  • Never cook with coconut oil in a high degree

Coconut oil has a smoke point of about 350 degrees. So it might be more harmful than useful if cooked in high temperature. Never fry in coconut oil nor use it for searing. Be careful about the way you include it in your food.

6-If you have sensitive skin you’d better avoid it

Coconut oil might be an amazing product for the skin, people pretty much use it for everything, from moisturizing to scar clearing. However, you should be careful if your skin is sensitive. It can cause break out or clog your pores.

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