8 Early Signs of Colon Cancer You Should Know

Colon cancer is among the most common types of cancer diagnosed today. It develops in a portion of the digestive system known as the colon or rectum. The sad news is that this illness can take between 10-15 years to develop. It begins with a slight swelling of the colon tissue and with time turns cancerous.

colon cancer  awareness:

National Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month, held in March each year, offers healthcare providers who care for patients with diseases of the Colorectal a valuable opportunity to educate. The goal of colorectal cancer awareness campaigns is to increase awareness and reduce the stigma linked to the symptoms and colorectal cancer information. As a result, colon cancer cases are being diagnosed in the earlier stage when colon cancer treatment options are more effective.

colon cancer  treatment options :

According to cancer centers of America, The treatment options for colon cancer are dependent on a specific situation such as the general health of the patient, the age of the patient. The behavior and stage of cancer, the biology of cancer, the location of the tumor, the stage as well as other parameters are taken into account in order to determine the course of treatment to get rid of colon cancer.

Colon cancer treatment is inclusive of a specific surgery for the removal of cancer (Surgery is the primary treatment for most colorectal cancers). In addition to this, other treatment options are inclusive of immunotherapy, radiation therapy(Radiation therapy is mainly used for cancer in the rectum), chemotherapy (Chemotherapy is sometimes used to treat colorectal cancer), Chemoradiation(Chemotherapy is often combined with radiation therapy to treat rectal cancer),targeted therapy(Targeted therapy is sometimes used to treat advanced colorectal cancer)

colon cancer symptoms:

This type of cancer is silent and exhibits no alarming symptoms making it dangerous as it is often detected when it’s too late. For this reason, it’s critical to ensure that you go for frequent screening to detect the condition in its early stages.

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Just as mentioned earlier, colon cancer doesn’t show any specific symptoms in the beginning and some of its symptoms might be confused by those of other common digestive problems. Presented below are eight symptoms that could help you detect colon cancer early.

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