10 superfoods that boost the health condition of your joints and ligaments

If you are interested in improving your joints and ligaments health you are in the right place. For people who practice a lot of sports, it’s obvious they want to take care of their joints, ligaments and also muscles. Therefore, lifestyle and diet should change.

By change, we mean to include these superfoods in your everyday routine. Here are 10 superfoods that your body is going to thank you for taking them.

1-nuts and seeds

Nuts are full of omega 3  fatty acids; which are very helpful for joints pain. whether you take a handful of fresh nuts or sprinkle them on your salad, it will have not only to add an amazing flavor but also has great health benefits on people who want to improve their joint and ligament’s condition.

The amount of magnesium found in nuts might help with inflammation and circulation of blood. However, Nuts can be so high in calories, this is why the one should be aware of that and limit the portion.

2-opinions and garlic

Onions and garlic are low in calories and very rich with health beneficial components. They are one of the most known antioxidants. Therefore they can be a great help with joint pain and give a boost to bones.

Onions are also an anti-inflammatory food. Therefore, it’s always a good idea to include them in your diet especially if you suffer from arthritis.


Oranges are naturally among the highest in vitamin C. Which has a big influence on the longevity of joints? it will help you reduce inflammation, build your bone density and repair blood vessels.

Orange can be peeled and taken fresh or you can just start your day by a glass of orange juice. In addition, this fruit is a very powerful antioxidant which will help you fight damaged cells.


Avocado is a natural remedy for joint pain. It’s rich in healthy fats that are very beneficial for your body health. It’s also an antioxidant that helps control inflammation  .it  delivers added benefits for the heart condition.

Avocados have very important components such as vitamins, fiber, and protein. This plays a huge role in lowering the cholesterol level and improving the flexibility of the bones.

5-olive oil

Everyone knows that we have different types of oil such as sunflower, peanut or vegetable oil. They are all beneficial for health. However, Olive oil is the best healthy choice for either cooking or consuming. studies had shown that it includes oleic acid which reduces inflammation. Also, olive oil has a huge amount of antioxidants and vitamins. it decreases the risk of getting joints inflammations. In addition to this, olive oil is not only an unsaturated healthy fat but also it’s one of the sources of omega3 that has a crucial role in preventing diseases.

6-oily fish

Fatty fish like salmon, sardine, and tuna are always a great source of omega 3. Therefore, they are important nutrients for your body health.  Eating fish no more than twice a week can help you reduce the swelling joints that are related to arthritis.

Fish oil is also a famous alternative for joint pain relief. One of its great effectiveness is that it’s an anti-inflammatory .which helps reduce certain negative proteins.  Fish oil is very effective for inflammation and discomfort caused by joint conditions.


Turmeric includes an anti-inflammatory ingredient called curcumin. Which has huge benefits on joints and ligaments? This bright yellow spice is not only used for flavor in cooking. But, it also blocks certain enzymes that cause inflammation and pain in these eras.

Meanwhile, it helps with speeding up the healing of damaged cells and tissue. Turmeric can also increase muscle recovery after sport. It doesn’t only prevent you from some diseases but it’s also a natural remedy to the body injuries.


Cherries are very rich in anthocyanin the plant pigment that makes it a very powerful antioxidant. Introducing cherries to your diet will provide enough anti-inflammatory to reduce your joints pain and inflammation.

This fruit can help slow down the process of restricted movement and affected joints . it’s also a nutrient that has been taken as  a natural pain killer .


Blueberries are a very delicious superfood. It’s also one of the top pain relief . Blueberries are very high in anthocyanin  as well  . Which makes it very effective for treating inflammations.  In fact , this fruit is very full of antioxidant and vitamin C and K . Therefore , it has a powerful result on the bone health .

10 –Dark chocolate

Chocolate has surprisingly anti-inflammatory effect thanks to its main component cocoa. It might be high in sugar and fat, but it’s another substance high in antioxidant which basically can ease the pain and inflammation. In fact, the higher the amount of cocoa is the less sugar it will be. This is why you should enjoy the benefits of this ingredient in moderation.

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