10 Amazing Easy Eating Habits That Will Keep You Fit.

You don’t have to follow those tiring never-ending diets full of rubbish to eat or follow a severe working out in order to have a perfect body. In moderation, It can be achieved just by changing your lifestyle and some old habits.  These 10  smart tips are going to have your summer body in shape real quick. Discover the easiest path to the perfect

body and gain confidence.

1-Never skip breakfast :

A lot of people don’t know the importance of a balanced breakfast in the morning. First of all, it’s very special to push the mini side meals. You should breakfast regularly in order to keep feeling full. In fact, a  healthy breakfast will prevent you from eating a lot. Moreover, it will increase your metabolism from the morning which will make weight loss easier. You can include fruits, vegetables and even protein in your morning breakfast so that it provides you with fast fuel for the whole day. Studies had shown that eating two eggs in the morning would help boost fullness and help you lose weight real quick.

2-Drink a lot of water and keep yourself hydrated

It’s advisable to drink 2-3 L  of water per day to keep your skin and body hydrated. Water also works like magic with weight loss. Furthermore, it increases the number of calories you burn.

Drinking water before meals is also very beneficial as it can reduce your appetite while your stomach sends signals to your brain to make it stop eating.  This process will directly lead to weight loss and prevent weight gain as well. whenever you feel hungry it’s always good to drink a glass of water.

 3-Keep the potions size of your food correct!

You should pay attention not only to the food itself but also control the portion size as it’s very important. It’s always a good idea to divide your meals into 4 portions. Therefore, it will help you reduce the calories that you consume each day. Once you are able to count how much you are eating in every portion it’s easier for you to control it.

Try to use smaller plates in order to measure your food and have a look at the portion size. check the labels too so as to help you count how many calories you can add to your meal.

4-don’t drop your diet on weekends :

People commit a big mistake by dropping their diet and giving up on weekends. you should stick to your regular diet. you can always treat yourself but that is by choosing the best recipe which can fit your calories counting and keep your diet balanced.

5- Banishing the bloat 

We don’t just feel bloated after eating a lot. It can be more than that. This is why you should eat slowly because eating fast will only cause you more bloating. The stomach takes time to send directly to the brain in order to start digestion.

You can have a flat stomach if you treat that problem. sometimes it’s due to an imbalance in the intestines. In fact, this can be only cured using probiotics.

6-apple cider and vinegar are very helpful

Studies had shown that apple cider and vinegar have many health benefits. They not only had been used to lower blood sugar levels. But, also used to suppress appetite.

The acetic acid one of the apple cider helps improve the metabolism and fat burning. It can also treat obesity by reducing fat storage and protect the body from weight gain.

Vinegar increases the feeling of fullness. Therefore, hunger is delayed. This shows that it’s a natural cure for overweight and helps you lower calorie consumption.

7-Fasting a new way to last

Fasting is usually done for religious purposes. However, It’s an effortless way to lose weight. it’s a very fast and powerful tool to burn fat. Since it helps your body use fat stores. it consists of remaining without eating for a period of time in the day. this process will help you increase metabolism, burn fat and maintain muscle mass.

8-whole  foods are the best

Whole foods or what we call real food are the fruits or vegetables that are unrefined or in their natural form. They help you feel full quickly and for longer.  since your body has a whole process to go through in order to break down all the minerals, vitamins ………

Whole foods will certainly help you with weight loss because they don’t contain any additives like sugar or salt. your body gets all the nutrients it needs if you have a diet full of whole foods. so pile your plate high with vegetables.

9- Keep the conversation going on the table

Talking between mouthfuls is an easy way to enhance weight loss. As eating slowly might decrease the appetite and increase the feeling of fullness.  slowing down the eating will have benefits on the portions and the amount of food you consume. In fact, studies had shown that slow eaters tend to be fitter compared to people who eat quickly. Also, on more tips to eat less quick; put the fork down between mouthfuls.

10- Take from your time to prepare your own meal

Making your own food will make you aware of what you are eating. what are the ingredients you are adding to your diet? Also, this will help you skip all the added calories and fat . while serving you can choose the right amount to put on the plate and limit the food on the table.

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