10 amazing carbohydrates to lose weight

People often agree on cutting carbs in their diets or lowering the number of carbohydrates in order to lose weight. we always thought that this nutrient will make us fat. However, this is just a stereotype.

This is a very old idea.  Carbs are really important for your energy and diet. Eating the following carbs in moderation while counting your calories will only keep you fueled and even help you maintain your healthy diet for longer. And even lose weight effortlessly.

1-Black beans 

For people who follow the low-carb diet, this might be the perfect option. Black beans don’t contain any saturated fat which we can find in meat. They are a great source of protein that you can include in your salads. It can be beneficial to you because they help you stay full for longer.  Therefore, You won’t feel hungry and lose weight easily. Studies show that black beans have soluble fiber one of the best things to reduce bad cholesterol.


Oats can serve you to feel full during the day. It’s very helpful for metabolism and burning fats.  it’s a super grain that can help you accelerate losing weight. It takes time for digestion which makes appetite slower. They can be eaten fresh, added to your fruit bowls or even cooked in your brownies and pancakes. they are ideal to lose your belly fat.

3 – Sweet potatoes

Sweet potatoes have almost 112 calories and none of them are from fat.  which makes them low in calories and fit perfectly in whatever diet you are following  . sweet potatoes can help you lose more weight and satisfy your carbs cravings at the same time. they are rich in fiber, and that will help you accelerate burning belly fat.

4- Popcorn

You might be wondering what’s the best snack to lose weight. popcorn can serve you perfectly. This salty crunchy treat is a wise healthy option for people who try to lose weight. It helps the digestion. Also, it takes space in your stomach and makes you feel fuller. In order to keep it healthy  just try not to add any fats, butter or sugar to it


Amaranth is one of the ancient grains. It has very impressive health benefits as well as fastening the weight loss process. In fact, this grain helps to reduce the level of cholesterol if added to your diet. studies show that it helps to produce one of the hormones responsible for hunger called ghrelin.  Therefore, it promotes the feeling of being full and accelerating weight loss.

 6- Sprouted grain  bread

Bread is usually taken among the ‘bad carbs’. Forget about all bread is unhealthy.  you can eat it. You just need to know which bread you should take. For example, sprouted grain bread is made out of whole grains that started to germinate. Therefore this process helps the change of the nutritional properties of these grains. They become easier to be digested. it has lower calories than other types of bread and carbs.


Buckwheat is a plant full of minerals and vitamins.  It promotes the feeling of fullness and helps you lose weight. This powerful nutrient has few calories and helps the body get rid of saturated fat. It also improves your digestion and cleansing your intestines.

8 – Quinoa

Quinoa is a very important nutrient that you have to add to your diet. it’s stuffed with nutritional health values. This ingredient is filled with fiber and protein which are very helpful to lose weight. However, it should be taken in moderation as it has a little bit more calories than the other carbs we just presented to you.

Quinoa helps cut belly fat since it helps you with digestion and the feeling of fullness.  It’s one of the superfoods that have weight loss benefits. It’s also gluten free and cholesterol free.

9- Acorn Squash

Acorn squash is low in calories which makes it perfect for people who want to lose weight. it’s stuffed with vitamins A and C. It’s also a very interesting antioxidant. This nutrient helps you slow down your digestion and even delay the appetite. Moreover, it strengthens the muscles as well as the blood vessels


Barley is one of the nutrients that contain glucan which helps reduce cholesterol. It has a good quantity of fiber that keeps the cholesterol in control as well. It helps you keep your stomach full for longer. Thus, weight loss is accelerated. The fiber in Barley helps the cleansing of the digestive system and facilitates the process as it’s a metabolism boost. It also increases the good gut hormones that reduce the feeling of hunger.

Losing weight is not a cake walk. But you can always eat whatever you want if you know what you are eating. And keep all the ingredients in check. Eat these carbs in moderation and you will lose all the weight you want.

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